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Buffy a Border Collie/Cocker Spaniel Mix

We got BUFFY from a person who placed an add in the paper to give away pups. My sister in law also took one of the pups. Both dogs looked alot alike Her dog was named TIPPY because of her markings she was thin. Our BUFFY was a little more stout. Buffy was one of the best dogs we've ever had. She loved kids, she loved to hunt in the woods and run with our other dogs. She was also very motherly to our pet ferrets and was much happier being outside. She was about 13 or 14 when she started to want to be inside more than out. One evening we were all inside it was winter in ILLINOIS and very cold. She started panting and pacing the floor, we thought she was getting too hot from being inside the house. But within 15 min of her panting she layed down started drewling at the mouth then just quit breathing as she lay in my arms and she was gone. This was a very sad day for me. I had her cremated and we recieved a beautiful box with her remains, it sits on my dresser next to her picture. We'll always love you BUFFY.


Our dog BARNEY. He was a beagle mix of some sort. BARNEY was a very good watch dog nothing came close to our yard that he didn't let you know about it. My boys & all the neighborhood kids really loved him. Unfortunately we had to keep him on a chain as well as in a pen because he would dig clear to China just to get out and roam the neighborhood. But living in town close to a major street in our town made it very dangerous for him to roam the streets. And he would bolt at the first chance he got. He had a very unusual sense of fear of one of my husband's cousins named Tony. Tony would be a block away from our house in his truck and BARNEY would start going crazy, we knew it was Tony getting close. When Tony would get out of his truck BARNEY would tuck his tail and start to shake a bark feverishly. Tony tried several times to make friends with BARNEY but to no avail. One day we went out to feed BARNEY and he would not come out of his house. I could not see anything wrong. I offered him meat(which he loved) and still nothing. I called my neighbor and he tried to pull him out of the house, but BARNEY looked like he was too big to get through the door and he was whining by this time. We now knew something was definitely wrong. I told my neighbor to rip off the roof of BARNEY'S wooden house. We were shocked to see he was completely soaking wet and was 3 times his normal size. We took him to the vet and found out he had a stroke and there was fluid building up in his body. The doc said half of his heart was no longer functioning and we should consider putting him down. My boys were very upset and begged me not to do it. We waited to see how he was the next day and he seemed to be better but by that evening he passed on his own. We had him cremated and we keep him next to his picture in my room. We love you BARNEY and all our friends still talk about you. Rest in peace our dear friend. We miss you.

Julie Wallace