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This is John's Pontiac Powered Dragster he will be running this year. It usually runs in the low fives in the 1/8 mile. It is pure pontiac powered.

Our 2003 Racing Season has now started.   It was a cold start, but that's Illinois for you. Grand opening Day was so cold they called the race due to rain, sleet and snow flakes. I am running the concession stand again this year, But I do intend on racing a few times in the powder puff races. There are 5 of them. So I;ll keep you posted as to how I'm doing. Here is the car I'll be driving. I you come to the track and you say that you have seen this site I will give you a free drink of your choice.


This is is our 73 Trans Am that I will be driving this year. This car usually runs in low nines in the 1/8 mile. it has been a very consistant car. The thing I love the most is the constant pulling action. It just feels like it wants to go faster but we run out of track. One of the other big rushes is te burn out, with posi it is really cool.